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Here are just a few , very cherished , testimonials  ... I'm always so proud and honoured to have been asked to support a woman as she transitions in life, from girl to woman, woman to mother and then through out life, eventually becoming an elder , like me !

"After meddling in Hypnobirthing books for the birth of our first daughter and after a difficult first labour I was certain I wanted to invest further into Hypnobirthing to prepare for the birth of our second child. I felt I needed help to be calm and relaxed .

I couldn't believe my luck when I found out about Sarah's Hypnobirthing course.

I personally found it much more beneficial than reading a book.

Everything was clearer and far more visceral.

After the classes I felt focused, relaxed, prepared and excited about meeting our little girl.

An unexpected benefit of the course was how useful my husband found the sessions. He no longer felt helpless  during the planned C section but he had an active role and knew ways he could help me remain calm. We felt like a real team after the sessions with Sarah. The homemade biscuits went down a treat ! I couldn't recommend this course enough and we will remember our time with Sarah fondly forevermore."

"Sarah was absolutely invaluable for our birth. She helped me plan a beautiful home birth and prepare mentally for what was going to happen. I am sure she would have been fantastic at home : calming, encouraging and keeping everything in order. However, my plans were scuppered and I ended up in hospital having an emergency C section. In the whirl of activity, Sarah saved the day. She kept me going when I was low...and most importantly she made a potentially frightening event the best it could be: with information, expertise, discussion with the medical staff, she fought my corner and explained the jargon. I could never have imagined having anyone so useful at such an important time. we will always remember and be grateful for her kindness, firmness, wisdom and support.."

"We have known Sarah since we employed her as our Doula for my second pregnancy which was a VBAC. Sarah provided regular childcare before and following the arrival of our second child. Sarah is extremely experienced . She has an excellent rapport with children and babies. She is professional, punctual and honest.

I would thoroughly recommend Sarah ."

"Sarah supported our homebirth with the quiet professional expertise we had come to rely on during the time we had known her. Our son was born peacefully, in water, at sunrise, and our very active toddler had slept right through the night, much to our surprise, even though Sarah had said that he might ! We  will always remember Sarah's calm personality, which filled me with the confidence to trust my body and my intuition  ."