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Welcome to my website. I live in the beautiful county of Yorkshire in England and I have been a Doula for over 10 years and a Maternity nurse for nearly 37 years. I provide women and their families with a friendly holistic approach towards pregnancy,  labour,  birth and the precious days and weeks following the arrival of your child.

I'm experienced with caring for twins ! Twice the joy but a bit extra work ...

I trained with Kate Woods and then continued my training with Michel Odent and Lilliana Lammers .

I've been honoured to have become a Sacred Pregnancy support, through the Sacred Pregnancy Movement .

I am also very proud to have been the Doula Uk Area Rep for Yorkshire and Humberside, and although no longer having time to do this, I enjoy keeping in touch with all the amazing women who make up the doula community. 

As well as caring for a woman's physical and emotional well being through out their pregnancy, I am an advocate for them and their families, whether they decide to birth at home or in a hospital.  I remain a constant caring professional presence throughout the journey of pregnancy and early parenthood.

I'm also a  KG HypnoBirthinginstructor. ( please see Birth Packages for more details) and Hypnobirth techniques can be used for Caesarean births as well as vaginal births, water births or epidurals births ( all of which I've attended ).

If you decide to have a home birth and want to hire a personal midwife, I work alongside a very lovely, very

experienced independent midwife.

The emergence of TheRed Tent movement is providing women and girls with the chance to recharge and rest, surrounded by loving women throughout menses, pregnancy and menopause, creating a tribe of women to rely on. Women are always welcome at our circles of support ( and there is usually chocolate !).

As a celebrant, I can help organise gatherings for women to celebrate defining moments in their lives including Mother Blessings.

 I am committed to stand alongside a woman at many times in her life. If a woman needs someone to be with her, as a non judgmental loving presence should she decide on a termination then I can be there for her, as long as she needs someone...you need never feel alone. Please contact me for a confidential chat.