A doula supports women and their families during pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood.
Birth doulas provide flexible and continuous support before, during and often after the child is born. They may help with other children, encourage a partner with support while the child is being born, nurture and support the mother.

A doula can offer post natal support and at other times in a womans life she can be present and caring. Doulas are the modern equivalent of an extended family or tribe !

What is a doula?

Why have a Doula? 

Because you are worth it !

Having an experienced, calm, professional woman, who you get to know and trust, and who is a constant, warm, caring presence through out your pregnancy and birth, can significantly improve your birth experience and help towards a more peaceful and calm family life.

Keep Calm & Hire Sarah !

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Sarah Bartlett, doula & Maternity Nurse, KG Hypnobirthing Instructor and celebrant